Indiana Statute of Limitations

Indiana Collection Agency Laws

Every Indiana Collection Agency may collect files in Anderson, Bloomington, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Gary, Hammond, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie, and South Bend.

Recover your delinquent accounts through an Indiana Collection Agency Service. Indiana collection agency services can locate debtors and collect the money owed to your business, practice or facility. Using a Indiana collection agency service can save you time and money.

With our custom-designed debt collection system, our collection agency can be more effective in recovering delinquent accounts, after more than 31 days have passed. We offer two ways to collect, which are our contingency method or our low flat fee instead of a percentage.

Following is some important information on Indiana state debt recovery laws including: Indiana Statutes, Indiana Judgments, Indiana Garnishments, Indiana Interest Rates, and Indiana Bad Check Laws.


Interest Rate

  • Legal: 8%
  • Judgment: 8%


  • Open Account: 6
  • Written Contract (for payment of money before 9/1/1982): 10
  • Written Contract (for payment of money after 8/31/1982): 6
  • Written Contract (for other than payment of money before 9/1/1982): 20
  • Written Contract (for other than payment of money after 8/31/1982): 10
  • Written Contract for sale of goods: 4
  • Domestic Judgment: 10 on real estate (renewable for additional 10); 20 against the person
  • Foreign Judgment: 10

Triple check amount up to $500 over check amount, + attorney fees & interest up to 18% per annum or triple check amount + attorney fees and interest at 8% per annum.

75% of disposable earnings for work week or the amount of 30 x fed. min. hourly wage, whichever is greater.

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